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Mark "Mr. HiDE" Patten
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You can also find me on: Facebook, Twitter, ArtStation, Tumblr, FA, Instagram, Pixiv and Hentai Foundry.
First off, sorry for the splurge in Journals, but this mutha-fucka is right in my wheel house; T+A and games.

By now most of you are undoubtedly aware of a little game on Steam by the name of Haydee, named after the titular robot (yes that is also a pun). It's a "puzzle platformer" with an unforgiving/not worked on difficulty.

It's apparently making a lot of money... wonder why.

This makes me a little sad, why? Because it's pandering, sex without context, just there to sell a poorly made product to you.

I'm all for more tits and asses in games, but the tits and asses here don't have any narrative purpose (that has been mentioned). Is she a pleasure robot, because no rational engineer would make a robot like that if it wasn't for that kind of purpose?!

Are you telling me that I've been a massive idiot by trying to make a game that's actually good and doesn't resort to cheap tactics? Are you telling me that I could've made a shitty game with giant bongos and asses and you mutha-fuckas would've run out and bought it?

I hate it when I see such cheap shit work. Steam, here, anywhere.

Here it's a little harder because there's fucking tits everywhere, but at this point they're an afterthought with my work. Something I include because I know it gets clicks. If I'm drawing a bust, I know it'll be 10 times more popular if I include the tits.

This especially stings with a game too. I've wanted to break into the games industry with a really great game, something to get everybody to turn around and observe all the effort I've done. All the painstaking detail I've put into this complex structure of symbolisms and societal critique.

But no... just had to slap some titties on it. Fuck me.


N'yeah,  happy birthday. Was going well till I sabotaged it for myself.

I'm just going to be diving back into work, ergo that stuff nobody cares about, so going dark for a bit... there'll be the fortnightly blog fuck it
Totally not lurking on DarkerEve's post of the lastest piece and reading what everybody is saying, feeling on two parts that I should reply to comments and not at the same time. Ah the perks of being a nobody, less correspondences equals, more time for those that do comment. End me.
Girls Night Out by DarkerEve
Ho-lee-shit, I've been working on this for 2 and a half weeks with all my backup PSD's (i.e. squishing it down my layers so Photoshop's not eating 10GB of RAM) coming to over a Gigabyte. Context: This is a piece I had done up when DarkerEve had an opening in his commissions and this was a piece idea I had kicking around in my head. Since my drawing skills are... stilted these days, I enlisted a more talented soul to give it life.

So this is a crossover shall we say between between his buxom lasses and mine, a continuation of the last piece I did of Rose and Violets human appearances.

Maya and Rose hit it off as they're very similar individuals and she's like the poster girl that really drew me into his gallery in the very beginning.
Wanted to have Tania in here because I got the opportunity way back to colour her introduction page, granted these days I feel like I could do loads better (better computer for one). So that's why she's hitting on Violet, because she just has the worst luck with women. Violet still has all her appendages in human form, much to her dismay and Roses amusement.
Feel like I should say more, but instead, think I'll go have a nap.

Maya and Tania belong to Darwin Nuñez / DarkerEve / :icondarkereve:

You can also find me on: Facebook, Twitter, ArtStation, Tumblr, FA, Instagram, Pixiv and Hentai Foundry (Google it because DA are a bunch of nannies).

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