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Mark "Mr. H!DE" Patten
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Just an journal giving an update to the couple that care about future plans and what-have-you's.

First things first, thanks for all the positive feedback, sorry if I don't respond. Just find it hard to respond to people with a hollow thank you that I've copy pasted or a half asses responses Rather then waste your time, I've taken them on board and given them thought if you've said something meaty.

I'll respond though if people ask me a question, don't know why they're easier to respond to.

Also if things are a bit slow to come out its because of a few things:
#1) Work: as of writing I'm still trying to make the whole game development thing work, even though the world much rather I rot in a ditch.
#2) Work for the Dole: one of the good things about Australia is that the welfare is fairly good, even if you do feel like trash while you're on it. You can live on it, but you won't be living on it.
Due to it however at this current time, I'm passing away 5 hours of my day to prove to the government that I'm not spending this money on drugs or hookers until the mid year.
And lastly, #3) I'm still plagued by a personal demon that make me neurotic about the tiniest pixel of detail. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, maybe, I don't have time, money or patience for a shrink.
So I'm just going to have to figure out how to do what I do faster and easier without anyone noticing a change

Work side I've got two big projects still on the table: Anima Extract and (working title) Bad Dragons. AE has sort of been shelved at the moment, I'm still penning it down and all that jazz as I have been for over the past several years now, but actual visible content for it is not going to happen anytime soon. Why, well I want to test my skills on another comic first and that's what Bad Dragons is for. If I can't make smut for a good read, then well...

Although it's not going to be just peens going into va-jay-jays and b-holes, I'm going to have a little drama and action in there as well. I really want you to feel for these characters, so it makes the red hot dickings all the better... IMO.

Going to have a fairly loose storyline, generally each "chapter" being excuses for new ways of doing things, or a little world and character building... that leads to more doings.

Due to deviantart being run by a bunch of old nannies (even in the face of plummeting subscribers), I'm not going to be able to publish all the pages here, so if heartily recommend paying attention to my tumblr (that's updated more frequently with works in progress) and Hentai Foundry page, although I'll be sure to update here with a signpost so you'll all know about new "content" when it happens. Looking up MrHide-Patten will lead you to the right locations generally.

So that's all from me. Hopefully be seein' y'all real soon again.

- Mark Patten
Violet Stamen Outfit Trials by Mark-MrHiDE-Patten
Violet Stamen Outfit Trials
EDIT: Added two more options based on peoples suggestions (11 and 12)

EDIT 2: Fug it, added 4 more, for a total of 16.

Hi-de-ho Hoodlums we're back with some more art, I may have been blowing off my responsibilities but fug it.

So we're back onto more concepts for my 'Bad Dragons' (working title) side "mature" comic series to the eventual magnum opus of Anima Extract, so this little aside will be my comic training wheels. Set in the same Universe, but on another planet, so there'll be stuff that connect the two stories in small ways.

Back on target, Violet Stamen is the quiet and shy brick shit-house company to Rose, however she acts as a bit more of the reader surrogate as you'll get to know more of whats happening in her head then Roses. While I was doing up her concept I really gave a lot of thought into her background and the story in general, whilst it's porn there will be a lot of "plot" happening, not to the same mind bending espionage of AE, but a sort of action adventure... with fuckin'. Violet herself is a tragic figure, due to finding something she really shouldn't have, her body was transformed into the empowered one featured. However due to her personality she isn't the type to throw punches back, so I had her scars in places that would be found on somebody who mostly defended themselves or was abused and each sort of has its own painful memory.

Since her body type was made more of a masculine type, she prefers to wear things that are more overtly feminine and that tend to cover more when compared to Rose.

So sign off in the comments if you will for your favorite or what bits and pieces look best, that I should put together into her "default" gear.
Hi-de-ho hoodlums just a brief update for the new year to show that I haven't died... physically.

N'yeah, lots of projects on the brain, no time to do them. Well that's not completely true, got plenty of time, if there's something you want to do then you make time for it.

Been incredibly... paralysed, this past few years. The output gets less and less and my biggest fear is that it'll all eventually stop. Drawing is like any skill or muscle, if it's not put through the motions it never gets any better.

Big mental block and each layer I punch through seems to be made of something thicker.

Hopefully I can update here and my restive pages with more content soon. I hope.
Hi-de-ho Hoodlums just sharing some work I had done of Katherine and Kate, done by the marvelous blackmyst.
You can find them on my tumblr here:…

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Love your work man. Do you ever stream? I would love to watch and learn how you shade/color.
Mark-MrHiDE-Patten Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank You, but sadly not. because if I were to stream people would have to clear out a day or two... or a week.
ericthepim Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2016
I hear ya. That's probably why your art stands out so nice. Well, thanks for sharing your work. Hopefully, I can pick your head when your not too busy.
Mark-MrHiDE-Patten Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
There's a link to my tumblr at the top in my dev ID and I usually post more works in progress there or I share the work of artists of better repute.
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Happy Birthday, dude! I wish you the best of luck with everything you do and I hope you keep on making this awesome art.
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